Why Travel With A Group

There are some cities or destinations that you can certainly visit on your own.  Traveling to several cities or countries, however, requires careful planning and coordinating.  This type of trip lends itself to traveling with a group, where your trip is meticulously orchestrated to give you the best possible experience in each and every city or region.


There are several ways that groups travel together.  One is an affinity group, one in which a group of people who know each other from professional or social groups, or groups of friends, get together and plan to go to a particular destination.

Another way to travel with a group is to join a pre-organized escorted tour.  Escorted tours are offered by a number of companies and can range from budget to luxury.  You can choose a tour based on the price, destination, length of time, quality of tour, and physical requirements.  There are specialty tours that focus on a theme, such as women's travel, food and wine, flowers and nature, exotic destinations, adventure and bucket list destinations, bicycling and walking tours, museums and culture, capital cities and iconic landmarks. So what is the benefit to you?


Prearranged and planned so that you only have to show up on time.  These ready-made groups attract people from all over the world.


Most popular and interesting sites are either included or offered as an option.


Most breakfasts, some lunches and dinners are included.  There are times when you are on your own to enjoy the local cuisine.


Hotel accommodations are included. Also included is the transfer of your luggage to the hotel room and back again to the bus or plane, where ever you are heading next.


Professional guide who travels with the group.  This guide is an invaluable asset to your tour as he or she shares the history, tips on dining and shopping, and points out interesting sites along the way.  The guide is a problem solver, destination expert, and go-to person on the tour.

There is safety and security associated with group travel.  For women especially, this is key.  There is the camaraderie of traveling with others and when traveling with other women.  According to Valerie Keith, President of Lady Journey Seekers, the two most important reasons for women to travel with a group tour are:

“Camaraderie that is shared by the ladies and the sense of safety of traveling with a group leader.  We all know that traveling with others, whether on a cruise or on a tour, is more fun when you have others to share in the experience.  It affords the capability of meeting others who are at the same place in life to share stories of the past and enjoy the future together.  Group trips are filled with laughter and the drama of life is left behind. It's all about fun and new experiences."
"In the rare case of an emergency situation, not only does a group leader give guidance and support, the other ladies help with emotional and practical support in times of need.  Women are natural caregivers and step up when the occasion arises.  No one wants to be alone in a foreign place when a medical issue occurs.”
Valerie Keith
Lady Journey Seekers

Group travel is an excellent way to meet others who share your appreciation of a particular destination.  It affords you the opportunity to share your insights with others and to learn from them as well.  Had I not been on a group tour back in 1992, I would never have met one of my closest and dearest friends.  Oddly enough we lived only 3 miles from each other but had never met.  Your life can be enriched both by the destination and all that you learn and experience by your adventure, and by the people you meet on the tour.

Do share your experiences with group travel.  We would love to hear what you liked or disliked about it.  For those of you eager to take a group trip , today is the perfect time to start planning your trip.  Do your research, find a destination and go, go go!

Marian Blessing

As a travel consultant for 30 years, Marian experienced first-hand, the positive impact traveling had on her and her clients. A problem she frequently encountered was women wanting to travel but not doing so due to the lack of a travel companion. In search of a solution, Marian created a local community where women could connect, establish friendships, and travel the globe together. The success of Marian’s local group led to the founding of WanderDivas, an online travel community for women.

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