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5 Places To Find A Travel Companion

Boy do you really get to know others when you travel with them; it can be the Good, the Bad and the Ugly!  Life-long relationships can and have formed during a trip.  Sometimes you meet people and travel with them, and sometimes you meet people because you are traveling.  I met a very dear friend on a trip to Canada in 1992.  We have traveled to many exciting destinations, worked together planning travel for others, watched our kids grow up, attended weddings and now share the joys of grandparenthood.  Throughout the years, she is a person whom I can always rely on, no matter what.  She is such an important part of my life and had I not taken that tour to Canada, even though we lived in the same city, I would never have met her.

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How To Qualify A Potential Travel Companion

So you now have a few ladies in mind that may be possible travel companions.  Congrats, that’s exciting news!  You have obviously selected them because your share similar interests, both outside and inside of travel.  Once you have identified a person or persons with whom you would consider traveling with, it's VERY important to find out about their travel habits.  There are certain things that you can discuss in advance that will help ensure the best possible experience.  Below are a few questions that will help you uncover some of those things you wish you would have known in advanced.  

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Why Travel With A Group

There are some cities or destinations that you can certainly visit on your own.  Traveling to several cities or countries, however, requires careful planning and coordinating.  This type of trip lends itself to traveling with a group, where your trip is meticulously orchestrated to give you the best possible experience in each and every city or region.

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