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This past year has been quite a year of travel for me.  I was fortunate to have done the following:

  • 4-night cruise to the Bahamas in January 
  • 3-week trip to Australia and New Zealand in April 
  • 7-night cruise to the Caribbean in May, a 4-night trip to Portland in July 
  • 7-night cruise to Alaska in August
  • 8 night trip to Costa Rica in December

I’m a bit weary thinking about it, but what an amazing year! I enjoyed myself and enjoyed the company of my travel companions immensely.

Upon getting back from my last adventure I decided to think through my travels from 2019 and jot down some Take-Aways, 10 to be exact.

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The Travel Insurance Dilemma

One of the options for any trip is whether or not to purchase travel insurance.  It is an added expense that many people find goes against the grain.  In my opinion, it is necessary, and like car insurance, if you need it, it can be worth its weight in gold.  Imagine that you are packed for a trip and find that you cannot travel.  With no insurance you stand to lose your travel investment.  It actually just happened to me and thankfully I had insurance.

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Impromptu Travelers Beware!

The 5 Challenges You May Face Once You Arrive At Your Destination

Planning a trip is no easy feat, especially when traveling abroad. If I’m honest, it's my favorite part though it is the MOST challenging. Deciding where to go is usually the easiest part. Planning how you are going to get around and exactly what you will do once you arrive, is a whole other animal. For those of you who don’t care for planning, we salute you. You are the Impromptu Traveler, the daring soul who says “Once I get there, I’ll just wing it!” I have much respect and admiration for you. Frankly, this is exploration at it’s best. So for those of you who “wing it”, this is for you.

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Why Travel With A Group

There are some cities or destinations that you can certainly visit on your own.  Traveling to several cities or countries, however, requires careful planning and coordinating.  This type of trip lends itself to traveling with a group, where your trip is meticulously orchestrated to give you the best possible experience in each and every city or region.

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