Without you, there is no WanderDivas PERIOD.  Over the course of my 30 years experience as a travel consultant, I have worked with and befriended hundreds of women just like you; women that have a passion for travel. Overtime I began noticing  a common theme.  Many ladies had the resources to travel, the ability to travel, and desire to travel but not able to due to not having a travel companion.  Are you one of these ladies?  

​As I dug deeper I noticed some commonalities in their stories.  Women who dreamt of exploring far away lands since they were little girls, women who dreamed of becoming flight attendants with the excitement of waking up in a new city everyday.  Women who read every National Geographic magazine they could get their hands on.  I even heard of women who watched every episode of Fantasy Island; remember this is before DVR(Tevo).  Regardless, they made promises to themselves that they would one day pursue their dream and travel the world.  The truth is unfortunate, they never made good on that promise.  Did you travel as much as you wanted when you made yourself those promises years ago?

Fast forward decades later. These women, like you, got married or remained single, raised kids and/or created careers for themselves, volunteered their time helping others, dealt with family emergencies, supported friends in need, etc. You get the point. You put everyone else first be it your spouse, kids, friends, family, bosses, businesses, the list goes on and on. It's not to say you regret any of that but now may find yourself retired, without kids or pets in the house, not a lot of responsibilities, with friends/family demanding less of you. You can finally breathe again. You can finally move yourself to the front burner and so you do. Have you started to put yourself first again?

So here you are. You now have resources, the time and ability to travel but no travel partner in sight. Some of you are married but your significant other doesn't want to leave the house and if they do, the golf course is the only option. Perhaps your significant other has traveled all their life for work and lacks the desire to do so now. Another common scenario is you don't want to travel with your partner. Sometimes it can be less complicated due to differences in interests, and you don't want to worry if your partner is having a good time. Perhaps you have relatives or friends that would love to join but their schedules or budget just don't align with yours. Maybe you lost your spouse which is so difficult and paralyzing. It's hard to move forward after losing someone. No matter the reason, not having a travel partner will put the brake on all, if not most, of your travel dreams. For many, traveling alone is just not option and this is why WanderDivas was created.

WanderDivas was created for you to meet other like-minded women in similar situations who are ready to fulfill those dreams of long ago. It was built with the intention of helping connect travel companions based on similar personality traits and travel interests.  A community where life long travel friendships can be established and travel experiences can be shared.   It exists to provide you all the relevant information needed for safe travel around the world and give you an insight that only 30 years in the travel industry can provide.  

So if you are looking for one place where you can:

  • Meet travel companions and make life-long friends
  • Stay informed with up-to-date news regarding travel safety for women
  • Discover the correlations between happiness, wellbeing and travel
  • Learn accommodation and transportation insights only travel consultants know
  • Attain travel booking and travel planning advice
  • Get reviews on travel technology and travel accessories must-haves
  • Learn how to find exceptional deals that don't hinder your travel experience
  • Have access to a community of women that share travel experiences, recommendations, and advice 

Then WanderDivas is for you!

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